Class roles

Production team roles will be decided in the first week of the course. The role you get will depend on your preference as well as your own skills and experience and the mix of skills and experience across the group.


Executive Producer (EP)

The EP oversees all phases of the process and ensures everyone and everything is up to standard. The role encompasses planning of post-production editing and delivery, quality control of product and personnel, final decision-maker on casting, style of shooting and script elements.


Producers must decide on the mode of broadcast delivery and identify and understand the target demographic, keeping in mind commercial imperatives. Producers will oversee script meetings, scripts, casting, planning, scheduling, and must take an active creative role in the development of allocated scenes and the overall film.


Directors work the writer and actors to take a scene from script to screen; to contribute to script elements; to cast roles in collaboration with other directors and the producer and to ensure a high standard of interpretation and performance.


Writers will work in a collaborative atmosphere to create a script for their episode that contributes to the whole story. Writers must follow developments of the script into rehearsal to iron out any deficiencies that may be brought up by the actors or directors. In the studio writers will assume the role of vision switcher, and may also be required to assist in other areas.

Line Producer

The Line Producers’ role is to oversee the management of funds and personnel, to ensure the steady flow of information, to appoint and manage shooting crews in collaboration with the producer and the director. The Line Producer must find locations, make-up and unit persons, organise product issues and possibly call shots in the studio for the vision switcher. The Line Producer also acts as DA/Continuity person on all shoots.

First Assistant Director (1stAD)/Designer

The 1stAD organises production meetings, and devises schedules and callsheets for rehearsals and shoots. They control and direct all operations during shooting, and ensure all settings, props and costumes are appropriate for each episode and each location.


The focus of this course is on collaboration in pre-production and production; good editing is essential to create a good end product but is a small component of the course. Your group will select an editor who is already capable in this area.

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